Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I love 5!

It's no secret that I love children.  Who am I kidding?  My whole family loves children.  I have lots of favorite ages, but I think 5 may be one of my very favorites.  I love how intricate pretend play is at that time.  I love watching Abe play when he doesn't know I'm listening.  Sometimes I'm sad that he doesn't have siblings as close in age as my others did when they were his age.  But, that doesn't keep him from playing and once in a while they still imagine along with him.

The other day, when delivering clean laundry to his room, I found his two favorite lovies in different corners.  
 Upon questioning I was told that Aah Aah said ugly things to Baby Marcus.
Then, Baby Marcus made a bad choice and punched Aah Aah.  

I love it!

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The McNeill family said...

OH friend, I miss you so much! We are praying for your sweet family and we love you all!